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How I Would End It: The Battle for the Sky

Updated: Jan 12, 2019

Hi K Drama lovers! Like me, I'm sure that you have watched a great drama where you cried when they cried, laughed when they laughed; but as the ending approaches, you favourite character dies. The lead ends up with the guy or girl you least liked #secondmaleleadproblems. I hear you! Many times I want the drama to end a totally different way. Maybe I want that villain to suffer more, maybe I want that white truck to hit a different character. Maybe I want that old rich man to lose EVERYTHING!!!!!!! (Maybe I should relax).

Either way, I sometimes want an alternate ending. If you are looking for that as well, you have come to the right place.

Welcome to How I Would End It: an alternate retelling.

First up on the docket, The Moon Embracing the Sun..............................................(brothers hold swords to each other's neck):

The battle ensues… two Suns stand at odds with swords at each other's throats. High treason you say? No just a brilliant plan. In minutes they defeat the prime minister AKA Mr. Ruthless. He gets one jagged arrow plunged into his chest courtesy of the King Lee Heon and then is run through with a warrior’s sword by Yang Myung. As the evil traitors are murdered the King marvels at yet another victory. Yang Myung who is always overshadowed by his brother takes center stage and eclipses his brother for the first time when he dies a hero death for the sake of the greater good. Truly there can be only one Sun in the sky. He dies quickly (no five minute monologues). The mirror longing to be the moon Yoon Bo-Kyung dies at the hands of King, no one morns for her and all the treacherous traitors are punished in rightful fashion. She's buried the rest of the turn coats that thought to usurp the King. Lee Heon (The King) mourns the loss of his brother but is comforted in the fact that he fought to the death for the honor of the Kingdom. While Yang Myung finally gets his wish to leave the palace forever. Perhaps in the next life he will embrace the Moon he so longed for. The moon takes her rightful place and all is right in the heavens and the Earth. Yeon Woo and the King's love set the sky Ablaze and the splendor of true sentiment is recorded in Heaven.

The End.

Any Other Suggestions? Comment Below.

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